Kathryn Mullins; From Army to English

Kathryn Mullins; From Army to English

Jaymeson Westphal, Journalist and photographer

Kathryn Mullins is new to Prairie High School, as this marks her first year teaching English at College Community School District.


This is Mullins’ sixth year teaching. Prior to teaching at Prairie, she taught in Texas for four years and one year at Cedar Rapids’ McKinley Middle School.


“I’m really glad I switched over. The reason we moved to this part of Cedar Rapids is to be a part of the Prairie district, and I got my wish! Not only do my kids get to go to school here, I get to work here!” Mullins said.


Before moving to Iowa, she served in the US Army.


Growing up in a small town, Mullins wanted something different: she decided to join the US Army. She served for about four years. Not only was it a change, it was also money for college.


While serving, Mullins was already attending college in Texas and decided that she wanted to teach.


“I have always had a passion about learning and education. It’s fun to be a part of it,” Mullins commented.


Mullins has always taught English, but her first degree is in History. In Texas, most history related jobs are given to coaches. So, Mullins decided to go back to school and get a different certificate. She ended up getting her Master’s Degree in English.


Mullins very much enjoys working at Prairie High School. At the beginning of the school year she, “…was very impressed and pleased by all of the welcoming staff and amazing students.”