How The Grinch Survived Christmas



Kaylee Coquyt, Journalist

Dear Santa,


This year I was going to write a funny article about Christmas.


I tried and I tried!


But everytime I started my heart shrunk two sizes too small. So I decided that this Christmas all I want is to reach out to the people who are having it rough this time of year.


Santa, I hadn’t even acknowledged the dark side of Christmas. When I realized it was only seven days away, I just had to stop christmas from coming… but how?


So this letter is for the people like me, who just can’t bear the Christmas spirit this year, and need to Grinch it out a little.


For some people, Christmas is all about the cheer and how much joy it brings, recently I noticed that for others sometimes it’s about how it hurts.


Sometimes the simple task of decorating the tree is unbearable. Sometimes even bringing the decorations upstairs can sting. Maybe it’s because a light is broken: the Grinch isn’t there to take it now, and bring it back later.


Or how no one talks about the mess the tree makes and how we’ll need to get the vacuum out again.


How family traditions can change, and instead of chicken, chili, and other various Christmas classics, you end up with grilled cheese and tomato soup. Sometimes it’s good to change things up, maybe it’ll help you tank through the holidays.


Personally, I am an avid lover of all things Christmas. Or I was, until it actually came up this year. I had a whole Christmas playlist made by September!


Now that it’s almost the big day, I have a new playlist dedicated to how I’m feeling currently. It’s my Rough Days playlist, and it has no Christmas songs on it. Which is just absolutely crazy! But is it really?


No it is not. Despite the sugar plums dancing in everyone’s heads, it’s ok to not feel up for it some days – even I’m learning that.


Personally, when I think of Christmas I think right to some funny little tidbits. Even in the loss of Christmas cheer there is something good to be found.


I’ve been around many Grinches in my lifetime and here’s a fun fact: My dad was the biggest Grinch. When asked if we were putting lights up one year, the man said, “I’m on it.” He pulled out a fake candle, popped in two batteries, and put it in the window. He proceeded to say, “Boom, light’s are up. Jesus Candle!”


And that’s just how dad was!


This year my Christmas joy is coming from two kittens who enjoy attempting to climb the tree, and falling directly out only seconds later. Even the little joys of clumsy kittens are enough for me this year. If you’ve ever seen a cat not land on all fours, you know it pulls your heart right back together if only for a few seconds.


There’s always positivity to find, even on the days when you put on your sad songs playlist, have a pajama week, and stress over why you can’t write a Christmas article. Those weeks are necessary to get you there.


When you’re missing someone the presents, lights, and food can’t change that. They just won’t remedy the hurt.


My dad used to say, “Santa broke into my house, ate my food and didn’t even leave me a gift.” So Santa, my man with the reindeer, this year when you pop down everyone’s chimneys, leave a little message to those who need it. That this Christmas no matter why they can’t get into the spirit they aren’t alone.


While I unintentionally couldn’t bring on the joy, please keep me on the nice list! We’re all surviving the holidays together, have some figgy pudding for me! Merry Christmas… Bah-HumBug!


Yours truly,

Kaylee Coquyt