Christmas Spirit

Christmas decorations.

Christmas decorations.

Ashton Phelps , Journalist

Every year Thanksgiving passes with a stomach full of turkey then suddenly shifts to snow, Christmas Carols, and sweets shoved down your throat; it’s called Christmas Spirit.


Christmas to me is a time filled with classic Christmas songs, The Christmas Song, Baby it’s cold outside, Jingle Bells, Blue Christmas, The Nutcracker, I could go all day!


But there’s just one thing, the Christmas feeling.


It’s nearly impossible to explain, you just FEEL it.  It’s drinking hot cocoa during a snowstorm while watching movies. It’s cuddling up with your significant other, it’s singing your favorite songs, it’s buying your friends and family presents!


It’s truly a feeling that the English language can’t explain.


My memories are filled with Christmas lights, Polar Express, and snow days.


There’s always been one tradition in my house – cutting down our own Christmas tree and decorating it. No no, we don’t do plastic trees, what the heck kind of Christmas spirit is THAT showing?!


My Christmas Eves have always been by far the most interesting part of my Christmas, a place to meet up with my dysfunctional family and watch them all get plastered, sing Christmas songs, and sometimes get into fist fights… we only see them on Christmas Eve for a reason…


After a night of alcohol-reeking breath asking me how I’ve grown so much, we finally head home and go to sleep, of course not forgetting to place the milk and cookies on the table.


Being myself, I have had my share of plans to capture Santa Claus for my own personal arsenal of Christmas presents, but stupid little me always fell asleep to no prevail… just have to get him next year!


Now looking back, maybe Christmas Spirit isn’t all Candy canes and Mistletoe, it’s definitely a morbidly humorous kind of spirit, but at least I have spirit.