Skip the Straw, Save a Turtle

A sea turtle.

A sea turtle.

Isabella Engle, Journalist

Ever heard of “Skip the straw, save a turtle?” Skip the Straw is a promising new movement aimed at saving sea creatures from the dangers of plastic in the ocean.


The movement raises awareness of the toxic impact that disposable plastics have on the environment and asks people to avoid the use of such materials – starting with straws.


“Starbucks, Disney Parks, and many restaurants have begun to participate in the Skip the Straw movement by banning plastic straws. This has helped to eliminate one billion plastic straws,” says The Ocean Conservancy.


A small population of ill people need to use straws for nutrition reasons, but most people use them out of habit or convenience.


People use over 500 million straws per year and eight million tons of plastic ends up in the oceans every year. “The plastic in the ocean could soon outweigh the fish,” says National Geographic.


Many sea animals are dying from choking on plastic, such as sea turtles mistaking plastic bags for jellyfish. Not only that, plastic also releases toxic chemicals when it breaks down and this is killing coral reefs.


Iowa was on the path to help our oceans by putting a ban on plastic bags. But Terry Branstad – a governor to Iowa – signed a legislation saying that local governments cannot put bans on plastic bags.