Korey Frederick, Coe Editor



E-Cigarettes, the alternative to regular cigarettes, has younger generations hooked to the new trend of cigarettes. Teens around the globe use E-Cigarettes as a “safer” alternative to regular cigarettes, but are they really safer?


E-Cigarettes have been a popular item to innovate with Vapes and Juuls coming out as other alternatives.


Juuls are USB like devices (yes, like an actual USB that you plug into your computer) and a Vape is a pen. Juuls and Vapes use flavor water vapor pods that add a twist and added appeal over regular cigarettes.


These designs appear to be kid-friendly, but the engineers behind these products promise that’s not the case.


They weren’t designed to look like a USB, but something that got smokers minds off of cigarettes according to Ashley Gould, an administrative officer at Juul Labs. (Via Time)


Both items use water vapor instead of tobacco, but both also use nicotine salts from tobacco plants to make them addictive.


The Prairie High School student handbook has no section classifying whether or not E-Cigs are against school rules.


“Our policy on E-Cigarettes is the same as our policy on tobacco products due to the nicotine salt in them.” Principal Anderson said


This means that if someone is caught with E-Cigs, they get sent to the office for a punishment plan. Depending on the situation, it could range from a detention all the way to expulsion.


During the interview, Anderson said that there have been instances with E-Cigarettes on Prairie’s campus.


E-Cigarettes were manufactured as a “cure” for peoples cigarette addiction, but does it actually work?


“I used both, once I was on regular cigarettes nothing else was like it and nothing could replace it;” a Prairie Senior said on the appeal of E-Cigarettes compared to the regular.


“There’s a huge difference between the two, I was able to put the juul down way easier than cigarettes, took me a couple of times to get off of regular cigarettes;” the senior said.


E-Cigarettes failed this individual when they were trying to improve their situation.


By the perception and use of E-Cigs in society, they don’t help people beat their addiction, they’re simply another form of addiction and expense. E-Cigs aren’t helping, they appear to either keep situations the same or make them worse with people’s addiction now drawn upon two things.

Since there hasn’t been enough time for scientist to examine the long term effects of e-cigarettes, it’s predicted that they give users bronchiolitis obliterans which is a condition of lung tearing due to inhaling chemicals.


Whether you choose the nicotine pods or the flavoring pods, it’s a lose-lose.


A Juul starter pack starts at $51 which by no means is cheap.


Especially when you’re sitting in spanish class and you leave your juul behind for the teacher to see, that’s not the wisest use of your money.


When foreign language educator, Mrs. Matheny spotted a juul in her room left behind by a student.


“When I first spotted it, I thought it was a student’s charger. But when I saw the students’ reactions around me, I knew that it was something else.” Matheny said


She went on to say that she felt that she wasn’t aware of this issue within the public school system.


“Since it’s a scary and serious issue, it needs to be a part of our school curriculum, it’s already been introduced into surrounding school districts.”


She explained how she also wanted parents and fellow teachers to be educated on E-Cigarettes. Mrs. Matheny had no idea that kids could hide the e-cigarettes as pens, sharpies, or other devices. She wants to makes sure that kids don’t get hurt by using them.  


“It should be implemented into our school curriculum so we can all be aware of the dangers that E-Cigarettes bring.”