Mr. Oldenkamp

Isabella Engel , Journalist


Mr. Oldenkamp is one of the high school band teachers and it’s his first year teaching at Prairie.


“Teaching was always kind of on my radar and I had always done well in music classes.” says Oldenkamp.


Teaching can have its ups and downs but Oldenkamp loves it nevertheless. “It’s something that is endlessly challenging and music has always been something that brings me a lot of joy.” comments Oldenkamp.


Mr. Oldenkamp is dedicated to his job and always makes class enjoyable.


Outside of school Oldenkamp likes to bake and read, he loves baking bread and caramel pecan rolls every Christmas.


“Almost every day I have more energy when I leave class than when I came in. There’s always something that you go, that was really exciting or we laugh about, or there’s something that makes me excited to come back to.” Says Oldenkamp.