Destruction, Construction 2 (The Update)

Kirk Hulseberg and Jamison Day

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At PHS, construction is happening with plenty of add-ons. Principal Erik Anderson said that “the construction was ahead of schedule.”


So let’s talk details!


As a favorite to many PHS students, the AC system will be fixed. Anderson said, “It will be within two degrees of every other room.”


One of the biggest things being added to the school is going to be an addition for athletes. With bigger locker rooms for separate sports, this is a desired addition for many student-athletes.

It will be located in the old lunchroom kitchen over by the flag hallway, along with the new weightlifting room that will be in the old cafeteria.


“All we got to do is tear it down and put it back together and give it a fresh new look,” said construction manager, Chris Henschel.


The new office and main entrance will be placed where the old band rooms used to be. In this general area will be a commons area for students.  


The new construction completion date changed from August 2020 to March of 2020. Both Anderson and the construction team are very pleased with the progress.