Prairie Prepares You For The Off Season

Megan Steffens, Journalist

Is it ever too early to start preparing for your High School season? Here at Prairie High School, students start preparing for spring and summer sports in the middle of winter.

Prairie offers a performance program that gives students a great experience to work hard and get better for their season. The Performance Program is also known as Agilities. Agilities consists of many different workouts that are specific to the sports season coming up.  


They will get an opportunity to show their coaches that they are putting in extra work to get better for the season. Coaches for your sport will most likely be at Agilities watching or helping with a workout. This gives athletes an opportunity to build relationships with coaches and show that they are willing to put in an effort for when the season rolls around.


Not only does Prairie give student athletes an opportunity to be in shape before the season, but they will also give them an opportunity to practice their sport.


For example, Prairie girls that are interested in playing school Softball this summer have been given a huge opportunity to be prepared for the season. They have organized a Winter and Spring club where you can play before school Softball starts.


Club softball gives players a chance to play with their teammates and build a good relationship for the high school season. Athletes will come into the season already bonding with their teammates and it will make playing much easier.


Choosing to play winter and spring club softball athletes will practice things that will prepare them for high school Softball. Volunteers help coach instead of high school coaches but they have a great understanding of what is going to be expected from the high school coaches.  


They will be prepared with the skill levels that they wouldn’t have if they chose to play school softball. To get more engaged in sports, prairie offers you many ways put in more work before the season, and it should pay off.


Other high school sports here at Prairie will offer the same type of opportunities such as a before season club, or even open gyms that will let players go in and practice everything they need to work on. Students can contact their coach if you feel like they need more opportunities to help them and they will reach out and give some resources.