Arrows Under The Radar


Archery Practice

Ashton Phelps, Journalist

Football, Basketball, baseball, and soccer, all of which have been around for what seems like forever but flying under the radar is Prairie’s four-year-old Archery Club which has bolstered great growth since it was founded, as well as having a unique format of inclusiveness.

Many extracurriculars are separated between age groups, on the other hand, Archery Club is a fully inclusive activity ranging from everywhere from 4th to 12th grade.


Every grade (4th-12th) participates in the same meet, then the top 12 shooters from that competition are the ones who are placed towards the team’s points.


The benefits from this style of competition are that there is no bench, and all participants get “Varsity experience” because they all participate in the same events that Varsity ages are in.


“(The) team has grown by at least 50 each year since it started,” according to Ian Webber, a senior who has participated since it started, four years ago.


So if a unique style of layout with a wide variety of competition peaks your interests, archery club should be at the top of your list for next year!