Semester Of Senioritis


Graduating class celebrates.

Alyssa Mulherin, Opinion Writer

As the second semester kicks in, we seniors are preparing for our last moments at Prairie.


Throughout the years, we have used resources like Iowa I Have a Plan and Naviance Student to find the possible path we might want to take after high school.


Now as the last couple of months creep up on Prairie’s seniors, those tests are finally starting to mean something to us, or at least the school wants us to think they are.


In elementary school, we all wanted to be firefighters, astronauts, pilots, and veterinarians. But now that we are almost out of here, it’s time for us to get serious about life after high school.


Some people know what they want to do after high school, but personally, I have little to no idea what I’m going to do. When I started high school, I had all these plans of what I wanted to do in college, but now that I’m a senior I’m out of ideas.


However, no matter how lost I may be at least other people know what they want to do.


“I’ve decided I’m going to major in health and humans physiology. I’ve wanted to help others forever. I also have always been told I’m quite the cheerleader and in pursuing a physical therapy degree, I feel like I can do just that,” Said Senior Tiffany Yoder.


Over the course of the next few months, it’s time to prepare ourselves for the next big step in our lives. College is just around the corner for some seniors.


The big question is: who’s really prepared to leave Prairie? Because let me tell you, being ready to leave and be prepared to are two different things.


It’s some of the experiences I’ve had in the building that make me glad to be leaving, but I don’t feel as if I’m prepared to leave.


“I’m nervous and excited at the same time. I’m nervous to be starting a new adventure with college, but I’m excited to actually be doing something that I enjoy for my future studies,” Yoder said


Until I became a senior, I had no clue what Senioritis was. But the moment I stepped foot into school on the first day of senior year, I knew.


Though it’s a little hard to have senioritis when we constantly have snow days. In fact, it’s only making it harder to go back to school.


In the summer before this year started, I was feeling a little bummed to leave Prairie. But now that I am half-way through this year, I couldn’t be more ready. Something about sitting inside of a school for six hours doesn’t exactly scream fun to me. I’m ready for new experiences, and I’m ready for some freedom and to finally start living my life the way I want to.


110 days, that’s it! 110  days until graduation, which is only 110 days to get ourselves prepared for life outside of prairie, and only 110 more days of trying to avoid getting called into the office.


On Saturday, May 25th, we will receive our diplomas and part ways. Some of us will never come back to our home town and it will change our lives forever. This is it, and there is no going back.