The Results are In…


Alexis Haggstrom

An artisits hands.

Alexis Haggstrom, Journalist

The results for the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards were posted February first. Scholastic partnered with the Belin-Blank Center at the University of Iowa for the competition.


Contestants from all over the Midwest submitted their best pieces of literature and art for Gold and Silver keys as well as an Honorable Mention award. The Gold Key was given to the top five percent, Silver to the top seven, and Honorable Mention the top ten.


Six Prairie High School Students received eight overall awards.


Senior Alexis Haggstrom earned an Honorable Mention for her Architecture and Industrial Design submission.


Junior Megan Fear scored not one, but two Silver Keys for her Short Stories and Science Fiction pieces.


Juniors Anna Millard and Grace Estenson’s photography skills earned them both Gold Keys.


Other award winners include Sophomore Carley Hutson for Photography and Sophomore Cynric Williams with Drawing and Illustration. Hutson received a Silver Key and Williams an Honorable Mention.


All winners are invited to a Celebration in Three Acts March tenth at the Iowa Memorial Union to celebrate these achievements.


The celebration follows like a play.  Act one folds out in the second floor ballroom which consists of selected artist’s pieces as well as a Reading Room for the chosen author’s to perform their pieces.


Act two is a formal ceremony to recognize the artist’s hard work and talent.


Act three is the closing reception with music and mystery.