Fastest Sneakers in the 319: The Jack Pendergast Story

Track star Jack Pendergast sits down with Hawk Talk


Alexis Haggstrom, Journalist

Junior Jack Pendergast’s day starts before most people’s alarms go off.


Pendergast’s up at six in the morning for a six forty-five track practice.  


During swim season, practice is even earlier at five thirty. That’s still not enough for him as he has a CrossFit session right after.


Off-season isn’t in his vocabulary. Cross-country in the fall, swimming through the winter, to finish out with track in the spring.


Despite being so active with sponsored sports, Pendergast runs outside of school, too. Once all the practices add up, he averages about eleven miles a day.


 “I wanted to get better fitness for soccer,” he said of his reason for the non-stop athletics.


Now, he’s ranked second in the state for track.


All of the hard work doesn’t come easy. A strict diet through the season consists of over a gallon of water a day and absolutely no junk food- that, he saves for after state.


He’s enrolled in many science classes and must keep a high GPA in order to participate. His performance on and off the track is intense.


Pendergast is most proud of how he performed cross-country last season. He shattered his 5000 meter personal record with a time of fifteen minutes and forty-one seconds.


However, he’s not too sure where he’ll end up after high school. In the last year he has visited the University of Iowa, the University of Minnesota. The Columbia and Cornell visits are scheduled this summer.


“Whichever has the best program,” he said about making a decision while invitations from Columbia, Cornell, Iowa, and Minnesota are rolling in.


Until then, stay tuned for the Summer Olympics in the coming years to see if it will feature your favorite Prairie Hawk outrunning Usain Bolt.


Until then, he’d be happy to entertain your thoughts over a great white shark versus your average saltwater crocodile. He’s team crocodile, in case you were wondering.