Farewell Elton John

Elton John Concert

Elton John Concert

Carley Hutson, Journalist

Elton John announced he would be going on a final tour around North America and everyone’s heart seemed to break.


It was as if seeing the world’s debatably best piano player live was on all of America’s bucket list. So it came as no surprise that his first leg of the tour sold out within hours.


Growing up jamming to classic rock on my way to any location,  I was elated when my mom asked me if I wanted to go with her and my brother to see Elton John in Illinois.


As the day of the concert arrived my brother and I were nearly jumping off the walls with excitement, listening to all of his music as we drove to see the living legend.


Immediately as I walked into the arena I noticed the majority of the crowd was either slightly drunk baby boomers or teenage gays. A smile found it’s way upon my face as I realized this living legend wasn’t just producing great music, but connecting generations in ways only concerts can.


From our seats we could see a large display filled with several references from his previous accomplishments, including The Lion King, Billy Elliot, and some of his iconic outfits such as the Dodgers uniform and his infamous spunky glasses.


Once he came on stage the entire audience erupted in screams and applause at the sight of Elton John sitting at the piano, his hands dancing at the keys as his band began to play Benny and the Jets. It was a sight unlike any I’ve seen before.


As he flew through the songs for the first half, only taking second breaks to allow the audience to cheer, I could feel the passion radiating off of him. It was clear to us all that performing is where his heart lies.


It wasn’t his amazing voice nor the way the crowd screamed the lyrics along with him that was so beautiful, it was the small speeches he gave in between songs that touched all of our souls.


John expressed the importance of asking for help when you need it, and spoke about his experience with rehab. Due to the help he received, he has been sober for nearly 29 years and counting!


He also spoke about his well known AIDS foundation, making a promise to the crowd that before he dies he will see an end to AIDS.


Towards the end of the concert, when the moral of the audience was at its highest, the bass guitar player brought out a yellow guitar with the word “Goodbye” in black lettering. It was with that guitar he played Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, signaling the end of perhaps the best concert I have ever seen.


The concert was an unforgettable experience that I was lucky enough to live out, but considering not everyone has the opportunity I had I’ve attached a Spotify playlist filled with every song John played in order. It’s nearly three hours worth of heartfelt music so grab a snack and get prepared to cry as you say farewell to Elton John!




Elton John Concert