One of Prairies Most Dedicated Retirees



Laurdyn Mayer, Journalist

One of Prairies most dedicated Retires

John Lukasko, one of Prairie’s most dedicated and involved community member is deciding to take the leap to retire from Prairie High School and move onto bigger things.


After 36 years of teaching, retirement became an option for Lukasko, “I’ve always told myself I want to go out on top of my game, I didn’t want to stay longer because I may start to lose my interest, passion, and desire to teach.” expressed Lukasko.


He has impacted so many students lives throughout his years of teaching, showing his passion for all students’ success.


“I’ve never had such an engaged teacher and he has inspired me to perform at my absolute best at all times,” commented Prairie Sophomore, Natalie Bennett.


Lukasko isn’t set on a future job plan yet but he has already had 7 interviews with businesses in Florida to become a personal trainer. Though he has been teaching high school students for 22 years and said that his passion will always be within teaching students and their success will always be most rewarding.


“The work’s he been doing and the program that he has helped developed has been very impressive…he has just done an outstanding job and it’ll be very difficult to fulfill that job.” said Prairie’s principal, Eric Anderson.


His devotion to the Prairie High School students will always be appreciated and his impact on students lives will never be forgotten.


“I always say, doesn’t matter how rich you are, what kind of car you drive, what job you have because if you don’t have your health then all of that will be cut short.” – John Lukasko