Prairie Softball Continues to Progress in the Offseason

Softball team

Softball team

Riley Sauser, Journalist


Softball is defined as being a “summer” sport, but at Prairie these softball players have been going since January. Whether it be practicing at Prairie Creek or traveling on the weekends to play indoors. The team continues to practice for their season, starting in May.


“Indoor tournaments are allowing the team to bring back the bond we had at the end of the season so we don’t have to start fresh when games start,” said Prairie first baseman, Amaya Snyder.


The bond from the 2018 season is returning to the team in the offseason. By practicing and playing beside each other, their goal is to strengthen their chemistry by May.


“Our indoor practices are still allowing us to get to get better even though we are not actually on the field,” said pitcher, Megan Steffens.


The Lady-Hawks are taking opportunities in the cold to prepare for the hot summer field ahead. By rebuilding their bond and preparing together, they have high hopes for the upcoming season.


“As a sister of one of the players, I have seen how them playing together in the offseason affects how they play in the regular season. I have seen how they come together and create a good team bond and when the season comes around they are ready to go for their high school season,” said Morgan Nott


The work the players are putting in is not only preparing them, but is being noticed by their audience. The players are giving their fans high hopes for the season by continuing to put in work.


“I’m excited for the upcoming season because right now we are in a good spot and will only continue to get better,” said Snyder.