When the Glitter Wears off



Natalie Bennett, Journalist

The highlight of each student’s and family’s year rolls around once every September;

one week filled with endless laughter, smiles, suspicion of the famous election, Homecoming.


Six months later, our royalty spoke about their experiences.


Our student body voted for two humble people to represent our high school as our King and Queen for the school year of 2018-19. Yet, It seemed to be a close race, even the royalty themselves are still shocked by the results.


“Our court was filled with really awesome candidates, I am still surprised by the results because I felt like it could’ve gone any way,” said homecoming Queen Kate Flaherty.

After six months, the couple still feels the post-election effects.  Homecoming King Tyler Graham shared that some teachers and friends still tease him.


“All hail, the King,” Mrs. Bacon-Curry will announce as he walks into her room.


“My King,” Tyler’s close friends sometimes call him.


All jokes aside, the two wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. Kate and Tyler both said that the day of festivities was an memorable experience.


“Especially the experience with the other candidates, I feel like everyone was bonding,” said Flaherty.

“I took it as a compliment to our student body that they could vote on two great role models for the school,” said the activities director, Rocky Bennett.