This Super Mom is Super Bomb!



Laura Barden not only taught at prairie for 20 wonderful years, but she has also found time to support her three children (Trent Barden (Sr), Zack Barden (Jr), and Alexis Barden (Fr), and self-published a book!


Mrs. Barden grew and graduated here in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She originally went to school for a degree in fitness education, learning the functions of the human body.


She chased her degree to Chicago where she lived for two years, feeling empty from the lack of a burning passion. Realizing after her second year in Chicago that Fitness just wasn’t where she wanted to be, she moved back to Iowa and began going to school once more for her second degree in Biology.


Laura Barden then arrived at Prairie, where she started working right away at the age of 27 and has been working here for the last 20 years.


Biology teacher by day, on the go supportive mother by night.


She is involved in volunteering for many activities! She loves to help out in any way she can in Volleyball, Baseball, Speech and Drama, Softball, and even prom along with Mrs.Swart.


She always makes sure there is time for her kids, to see them grow and thrive as they go throughout life.


Even while balancing around her activities and her job, she managed to find the time to not only completely write an entire book, but also self publish it!


After Mrs.Barden spent so many grueling hours, creating her perfect story, she reached out to her father who luckily was an illustrator and helped her illustrate her book.


Her book is called The Fail Free Zone and can be found on Amazon.


“I just love seeing how the body works, it fascinates me!”