Prairie’s Own Youtuber, Heavenlei Whitters

Click pic of Heavenlei Whitters

Click pic of Heavenlei Whitters

Alyssa Mulherin, Journalist

Senior, Heavenlei Whitters has been involved in multiple activities throughout her life, but her newest adventure is taking her into a new world of creativity.




“Youtube seemed fun to me and making vlogs seemed interesting. So the thought of creating my own videos and making people happy or laugh through them inspired me,” said Whitters.


In 2018, Whitters decided to create her own channel.


“I knew I always wanted to do stuff in the creative industries like dance, acting, and fashion. Which isn’t always the most income friendly or balanced job unless you are the top dog,” said Whitters.


Heavenlei Whitters


After a year of making videos, she has gained 2.8K followers.


“I just passed my one year mark and I considered that my trial year. Now I know so much more about it and I can dive into year two feeling more confident,” said Whitters


Whitters isn’t the type of student who enjoys school, so she knew that she didn’t want a traditional job.


“I knew right around 8th grade that there was no way that I could have a basic job. They all seemed uninteresting to me, that’s when I started to dread school,” said Whitters.


Her plans for Youtube are simple, to grow and to get better at making videos.


She’s lived a life packed full of different activities from dancing, cheering, and traveling. Now she’s excited to continue down the path of online entertainment.


“I have short term goals that all lead up to my long term goal which is making a living off of Youtube and loving every part of it along the way and affecting other people’s lives by making them happier.”