English Classes



Morgan Nott and Amaya Snyder

College Community School District is giving choices back to the students in 2019.


Next year, the Prairie English Department will be offering students a chance to pick their own English course.


“We wanted to let the students have more personalization, that’s something that the district is emphasizing right now,” said Mrs. Bacon Curry, one of the English teachers at Prairie.


The English Department decided to make this change because they wanted the students to be more involved and interested in their English classes. They felt that the current course structure did not allow them to do that.


“I hope that with this change, teachers are more passionate about what they are teaching and students are more passionate about what they are learning,” said Bacon Curry.


Teachers at Prairie were able to give their input about what they were most interested in teaching and what students would be most interested in learning.  


“We felt like in this structure, we’d be able to get students to see the purpose of their work, to be passionate about it, and prepare them for what lies ahead,” said Bacon Curry.


Passion. Purpose. Preparation. These three words were what guided the English department through this change.


Some of the English courses offered are, Banned Books, College Prep Writing, Conspiracy Theories, Murder Suspense/Mystery, and Sports Journalism.


“What we hope is for the kids who did not always enjoy English to have something that sparks there interest a little more.”