Wyatt, Whatta God!

Wyatt, Whatta God!

Carley Hutson, Journalist

On the morning of March 25th, Wyatt Heisterkamp prepared himself for the last speech competition of his high school career: Individual Allstate.


Heisterkamp is a senior at Prairie High School and a well-involved member of the speech and drama community. Having been competing for 3 years prior and being elected Treasurer, it came as no surprise that he made it to Allstate for his After Dinner Speaking.


“My after dinner speech was the first time I ever tried that event,” said Heisterkamp, “It was called It’s a Pirates Life for Me, and was entirely memorized.”


Not only did he memorize the speech – receiving all around division ones each time – but with the process of making it to Allstate, he had to perform it three times in front of a live audience.


“I was very nervous for my first performance and it slowly went down through each one, but admittedly I was still nervous for Allstate,” he explained.


Though it’s his last year performing for Prairie, he plans on continuing Speech into his college years at Simpson and exploring new, but similar, opportunities.


“I will miss my friends, the culture of speech kids and competitions, but I’m not too sad. I’ll be performing in speech and theater, participating in plays, improv club, speech events, and possibly debate,” said Heistercamp.