2019 Soccer Preseason


Russius Tucker, Soccer Writer

The Prairie Hawks kick off their first preseason game with a win. The players had been preparing for their first game by practicing drills, running, and creating better team chemistry.


“In order for us to win games we have to work as a team and put our differences to the side because when we are in one a chord we can do anything,” said Mateaus Lewis, Senior Varsity captain.


“I’m not worried about it because everyone wins and loses, but it’s about if you get punched; are you going to punch back or quit?” Coach Curt Lewis said.


“I believe that this team is good enough to go to state because I’m like a clay artist. I mold my players to the best they can be, and train them hard so that they can be prepared for anything that comes their way,” Lewis continued.


The team is focusing not only on the physical aspects of the game, but preparing mentally as one. Leadership and encouragement are giving the team high hopes for their season.