Baseball prepares for the season



Amaya Snyder, Sports Journalist

After their loss at State last year, the Prairie baseball team has high hopes going into their 2019 season. Prairie’s new head coach hopes to help the team reach their goal of making it to state this year.  


Prairie Baseball went 31-9 overall for the 2017-2018 season and 21-5 in their Conference.  


“We try to make practices as flexible as we can. We’re just trying to create opportunities for guys to develop as players, individually, to get better,” said James Nelson, Prairie’s new head coach.


This offseason the pitchers and catchers have been working since February in order to be ready for the upcoming 2019 season. In April, the state has a rule that allows the team to have ten practices with the coach.


“I am trying to push to have more of an individual growth mindset. I want to make it more about an individual players development and just provide more opportunities for our guys to push their skills as far as they want,” said Nelson.


Nelson wants to create a positive environment for the players so they can be able to remember their days playing high school baseball as a good experience. For some of the players, baseball is a way to create lifelong bonds.


“I’m excited to be able to play with some of my teammates that weren’t on my team last year,” said sophomore, Caden Richards.


After this season, the Prairie High School Baseball program will be losing key leaders. Some of those leaders will be taking the leap to play at the next level.


“In the senior class we have a lot of good players with Logan Burg, Harrison Cook, and Hunter Whinery that have played for a few years that will be able to be the leaders for the upcoming players,” said Nelson.


As the season gets closer and the weather gets warmer the players will be preparing for their run to state.


“The guys have done a really good job of being a team that executes and understands what to do in the game of baseball,” said Nelson.