What It Means To Be A Student Athlete


Riley Sauser, Sports Journalist

According to US News, 55.5% of high school students across the country play a sport. That means over 7.6 million students spend countless late nights studying, have early morning workouts, and have little to no time for other hobbies.


I’ve been in positions where I feel like my limbs are gonna fall off my body and I’ve fallen asleep on my computer studying for a world history test. So, why are students putting themselves through this if it’s not a requirement?


Being a student-athlete may seem like a punishment, but really it’s a privilege.


Not everyone gets to have the opportunity that an athlete has. I’ve traveled the country with some of my best friends getting to play a game I love.


I’ve succeeded, I’ve failed, and I’ve improved; on the field and in the classroom.


So, really the big question is….what role does being a student play in an athlete’s life?


If you’re an athlete, you’ve heard your coach say, “We succeed in the classroom first.” Which is true because failing in the classroom equals no participation in extracurriculars.


I can’t speak for everyone, but hearing coach say that motivates ME to be a better student.


According to News Tribune, studies have shown that athletes get better grades than those who don’t play sports.


Athletes are motivated. Athletes are determined. Athletes strive for success.


Some of the best athletes are also some of the best students.


See that star football player scoring the winning touchdown late on a friday night? Check his grade point average.


Hear that crack of the bat as the crowd cheers, watching that baseball player round second? Check his grade point average.


The crowd sometimes forgets that we also shine in the classroom. We write papers, we hit balls, we study, we run.


We are student-athletes.