Iowa Basketball in the Madness



Natalie Bennett, Journalist

March 2019: brackets were busted and the madness was everywhere. March Madness is a competitive time of the year for sports fans when the nation’s top 64 teams fight for a national title. The Iowa Hawkeyes and Iowa State Cyclones made an appearance and busted brackets.


The Cyclones (6) faced the 11th seeded, Ohio State Buckeyes. Iowa State was predicted to win based on the rankings. The Buckeyes pulled out the win, beginning the streak of upsets.


Later in the week, the Hawkeyes (10) took on Cincinnati (7). By the looks of it, Iowa should’ve lost this one, but they didn’t. The Hawks advanced on to the next round where they fell short to Tennesee (2) 77- 83 in overtime.


In the women’s division, the Hawks and the Cyclones made it farther in the tournament than the men by continuing through a few rounds.


The Hawks’ Megan Gustafson led the team in points and rebounds, carrying them through four rounds, eventually losing to Baylor in the Elite Eight.


“They believe in themselves so much. Plus they’ve got Megan, so I think that is a relief for everyone too,” said head coach, Lisa Bluder.


NCAA bracketology announcers saw the Iowa women going much farther in the tournament and even advancing to the championship game.


“Iowa is the real potential threat to the tournament with Gustafson leading the nation in points,” commented ESPN announcer, Rachel Berry.


The Iowa state cyclones were ranked as a three seed and were upset by Missouri State (11) in the second round, another upset that ruined brackets.


All in all, the Cyclones and Hawkeyes fell short to their opponents on both sides but still have many more seasons to come to try again in the tournament.