Can I Get a Yee-Haw!?


Kaylee Coquyt, Journalist

Nashville, Tennessee: where the country singers flourish and the cowboys (and gals) boot scoot n’ boogie about the dance floor all got a taste of the great state of Iowa!


On March 14th-18th, Prairie’s own chorale, chamber choirs and Ambassadors took a bus to Nashville to perform in the Heart Of America competition.


Chamber choir performed early Saturday morning at 7:40. They were rewarded for their early wake-up call with a first place trophy in the concert choir division.


“In Chamber there are only two to three people on a part. It was early, but they showed up. Their brains were on,” said choir teacher, Kelsey Legore.


Chorale also performed Saturday morning after Chamber, and finished off the day in third place.


“For Chorale it was one of those proud mom moments,” said Legore, “The end of their last piece the tenors had a high note. We didn’t know how it was going to sound, they nailed it.”


Not only did the two choirs place well in Nashville, after a long season of misunderstandings and lower placings than expected, the Ambassadors showed up on Saturday and took home second place.


“They had high hopes that they would go to Nashville and have a fresh panel, and have judges that don’t have any prejudice about them, about where they should be ranked, or where they have been ranked,” said choir teacher, Justin Sands.


This season was a wild ride, and with them the whole time, the Ambassador’s band was recognized and awarded best band at the HOA competition.


“Love it when the band kids are recognized, because they put in a lot of time and effort too,” Said Sands.


Nashville, Tennessee won’t soon forget the Prairie choirs and show choir or vice versa.


“Everyone was really positive and did their part in making sure they had a good trip with good memories,” said Sands.