Building Respect



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The latest buzz around College Community campus is about the construction going on at the high school. The construction workers have been putting long hours into improving the look and functionality of our school. Construction started in 2018 and is scheduled to be complete in March of 2020.


But that isn’t all that they’ve been doing.


A school’s environment is much different than a construction zone, having both in the same location makes things a little challenging. It shows us what’s okay and what needs to be brought to our attention.


Student’s aren’t always the most respectful at school, but we have been asked and reminded by our Administration to be respectful to the workers and from what we know students listened. However, as a student who spends the majority of my free periods sitting outside in my car, I witness many things from these workers that are frustrating.


Frustrating is an understatement when it is on a campus that we care for.


Students see them speeding through the parking lots, parking in student spots, slight attitudes in the hallways, throwing their cigarettes out of their windows, drifting in skid loaders when its wet outside, and treating our campus like it’s a dump.


With all of the construction, it brings a lot of rules that students and teachers need to follow in order to stay safe. But it almost seems as if those rules don’t apply to the construction workers.


A major rule on Prairie’s campus and every school campus is that there is no smoking and no tobacco products allowed.  


These are professionals in their field,  but that doesn’t mean that the no smoking rule doesn’t apply to them. They need to be held to a higher standard. There’s nothing more annoying to than trying to enjoy the fresh air, but instead all I smell is the foul stench of cigarettes and something burning that probably shouldn’t be.


However, It’s not just the air that needs cleaned up around Prairie.


One of the changes in the building is the front entrance has been moved to the Lifting room doors, where they were working earlier last fall. Once the fences were moved and the area became accessible, that location became the temporary front entrance of the High School.


This is where parents drop off and pick up their kids, where students walk to enter the building, and where the construction workers left nails, wiring, large rocks, and sharp objects.


These dangerous objects can get in the way and can potentially put nails and holes in your tires. This doesn’t seem like a big deal until it happens to you.


I normally try to avoid the front entrance, but the one day I didn’t avoid it to pick up a friend, the next morning I realized I had a flat tire with a nail in it.


Students and staff of Prairie High School try their hardest to be respectful and say thank you to the construction workers, but it’s a little hard when we aren’t given the same respect back.


One thing is for sure: these workers are well-trained and are doing an outstanding job of improving our school. However Throughout life I have been taught that if you visit somebody’s home, you should treat it the same way that they do.


These companies are being paid to help improve Prairie. It would be beneficial if all of them could help take care of Prairie.