See Ya “C” Hallway


C hallway

Taylor Griffith, Journalist

Prairie High School has been getting a makeover since summer. The school’s getting a fun and fresh update and adding more hallways and more classes. But the students and teachers are now facing complications.


The construction team recently closed the smaller C hallway, which houses math, German, and AP lang, causing the teachers to have to move to different classrooms.


Some of the teachers had to move to the big study hall rooms in the other C hallway, but that caused all the study halls to have to find different rooms. However, government and math weren’t so lucky to have a huge room to teach in and they got moved deep downstairs.


“I originally thought it would be great, I do miss the closeness of having a smaller classroom. It’s easier to manage all the students when they’re a couple of paces away, rather than spread all the way across a larger one,” said Traci Burns, an AP Language and English teacher.


But not only does the construction affect teachers, but it has also affected students.


“The construction isn’t that bad, but it’s hard to go class to class and try to get through all the students and the workers,” said Miranda Farr, a sophomore.


Even though teachers had to get moved around and certain places have been closed off, there have been lots of positives.


“I try to ignore the construction, and they’re all very polite and helpful in providing everything they need, they helped move my stuff from one room to another,” said Charles Miller, a math teacher.


The new rooms are also bringing teachers closer together.


“I love being able to hear Fillbach’s beautiful voice teaching her PreCalc lessons,” said Burns.