Concerts are my Comfort Crowd


Conan Gray

Carley Hutson, Journalist

Though the majority of people at Prairie High School don’t know Conan Gray, he deserves a worldwide tour for his amazing vocals and incredible lyrics. Unfortunately, for now, only America gets the pleasure of hearing him live.


I was lucky enough to score a VIP ticket, and so I made my way to Chicago on April 8th.


Unfortunately, the famous singer got sick the day before the concert, creating a shorter than usual meet and greet.


This resulted in one tight hug and several pictures being taken before I was rushed away to the stage. On the bright side though, I was able to stand at the barricade, as close to Gray as possible.


The rush of the crowd as Conan Gray entered the stage is indescribable. We all screamed in unison as the band played the first few notes to Generation Why. Within seconds his voice filled the venue and tears filled my eyes. It was everything I could ever imagine.


After the first song ended and our screams died down he greeted the crowd with the biggest grin imaginable.


Once he ran through a few songs, dancing along and touching my hand TWICE, he introduced us to a brand new song called Comfort Crowd. To say it made me sob is an understatement.


What’s so amazing about Conan Gray is what he sings about. In Comfort Crowd he discusses the dark parts of loneliness and how easy it is to forget just how great your best friends are when you’re with them.


Considering he’s a fairly new artist Gray currently only has 8 songs out on Spotify, making the concert come to an end far too quickly.


Though it didn’t last very long, it was still an experience I will never forget. Conan Gray will continue to release music and touring, and I can’t wait until I get to see him again.


Conan Gray