Spring Special Olympics

Special Olympics

Special Olympics

Riley Sauser, Journalist

On April 6th, 11 students from Prairie competed in the Spring Special Olympics at Coe College. With seven first-place finishes and four second-place finishes, the kids are now preparing for State Special Olympics in Ames, Iowa.


“On event days I am there providing as much support as I can for the kids competing,” said Devon Ashby, Prairie’s Special Education teacher.


Family, friends, and even teachers were at the event cheering on the participants. Ashby prepares the kids for their events, as well as Lynnette Stecklein, a physical education teacher.


Before the Special Olympics took place, the students ran trials to test their events before they competed. This showed them what it was going to be like when they competed at the Special Olympics.


“Mrs. Stecklein helps with their trial data collection before the Olympics take place to get the kids ready,” said Ashby.


At Prairie High School the students preparing to compete in their events gets them excited for new opportunities. In Iowa, Special Olympics occurs every year and Ashby finds great importance in the events that take place.


“Special Olympics is important because it gives the kids a chance to participate and compete in activities,” said Ashby.


The students competing have a chance to participate in activities with their friends and the teachers that help them throughout the year.


“It was awesome to see the football and soccer players from Coe welcoming our students in with open arms,” said Ashby


Below is a list of the competitors and events they participated in. If you see them in the hallway make sure to give them a high five!


Kaylah Oakley-1st Place-Softball Throw

Colin Clark-1st Place-Standing Long Jump

Kaylah Oakley-2nd Place-Standing Long Jump

Deena Buhs-1st Place-Softball Throw

Henry Gardner-1st Place-Softball Throw

Bryce Goodson-1st Place-Softball Throw

Deena Buhs-1st Place 50 Meter Dash

Colin Clark-1st Place-Softball Throw

Henry Gardner-2nd Place-50 Meter Dash

Bryce Goodson-2nd Place-50 Meter Dash

Armando Metzler-2nd Place-50 Meter Dash

Special Olympics