Promposals: Cute, but Awkward


Nicole Adams, Editor

It’s April now and prom season is in full swing. With the dance edging closer plans are taking shape or not, if dances aren’t your sort of thing.


Along the hallways, you’ll begin to notice girls excitedly showing each other their dresses and “Once Upon a Time” themed prom posters are plastering the walls.


And of course, the infamous promposals are sure to be spotted.


In our generation grand forms of asking someone to prom has become the norm. If you’re asking someone to the dance you’d better get some poster board, plan your wordplay, and acquire a gift or novelty item or you might be dancing alone on prom night.  


In the past asking someone to prom was as simple as, well, just asking them… with your voice and no gimmicks. So why do we now feel the need to put on a big spectacle in order to get a date? It’s certainly a lot more pressure.


It puts an enormous amount of pressure on the asker and even the target for their grand spectacle. The asker is pressured to come up with a new and creative idea, to actually make it and plan the time to ask the sucker who is to be publicly “wooed”- all without knowing if they’re going to accept.


Now you may not think there is any pressure on the victim of the cheap puns, but what if they want to say no? It’s difficult to decline the offer knowing how long it must have taken to come up with the idea, painstakingly scrawl the message on the  poster board, employ friends to help them out (who are all there excitedly awaiting the expected yes) and work up to nerve to even ask. How could anyone say no?


So seriously, why do we torture ourselves with this madness?


My best guess is social media. Before the birth of Instagram (a platform to brag about yourself through pictures) and Twitter (the one stop station to get roasted), nobody cared how they got asked to prom, only if they got asked and who asked them. With the invention of social media, we’ve gained a need to share our lives in the most positive light and constantly one-up each other online. No wonder promposals became inevitable.


To some people, not getting prom-posed to could feel like the end of the world. But there is something to be said for simplicity. This year my friend simply asked me over text if we could go together and it was super stress-free. I know I’m guaranteed a fun time at prom. But to each his own, right?


If you’re waiting for the perfect promposal, I hope you get it. But just for luck, cross your fingers and I’m sure you’ll get an over-the-top poster awkwardly shoved in your face. And if you’re preparing to ask, take a deep breath – it’s gonna be great, but try to color inside the lines so your poster looks less like it was made by a 4th grader.