Guide to a Bad Day

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Guide to a Bad Day

Kaylee Coquyt, Journalist

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Every once in a while we all have a bad day, you know? The day when you come to school in a groutfit, put in your headphones and try to avoid the deadly feat of… socializing.


Sometimes it’s a bad day, a bad week, or a bad month. Sometimes it’s just bad.


Well, here’s some news for you! It’s ok to have a bad, sad, or even mad time. It’s all about getting through it.


So here it is, something no one asked for, but all will receive: my personal guide to a bad day!


It’s been stated before that my one true love is Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, specifically Half-Baked. Literally like mouthfuls of heaven I tell you! Pretty much the cure to any bad mood.


However, some of you are truly wild people and eat healthy foods, or are on special diets, have allergies, etc.


No worries my young grasshoppers, I did not forget about you! After some internet deep diving I found some “healthier” comfort foods to keep pushing you through.


  1. Enchiladas (Apparently enchiladas are really out here being one of the top comfort foods I was unaware of!)
  2. Peanut Butter, just straight up peanut butter.
  3. Grilled Cheese, because grilled cheese solves every problem the world has.


While food generally heals all, sometimes you need that extra push. This is when I recommend pajamas! Not just any pajamas, no, no…


Fuzzy. Jammies.


Yes, we’re talking the big ol’ fluffy pants you keep in the back of your closet! Wear em’ to school, to the store. Heck, wear them to church!  Here’s a fun fact for ya: I have a jammie day every Wednesday, and let me learn you a thing, it’s amazeballs!


Now that you’re eating enchiladas in your fluffy pants it’s time for the cherry on top.


… Hercules! (The Disney animation, of course.)


Firstly, if you aren’t a fan of Hercules, you’re wrong.


Secondly, that means there’s another movie or TV show out there that probably brings you joy; that’s what the real point is. Watch something, do something, go somewhere that makes you happy.


Having a bad day happens, and getting through it is tough. While all of those things might help, there are other things that might be more effective. I know, that’s wild, but it’s true.


Friends and family are always around; know that you have a support system and people are ready to let you talk to them or be with you at the drop of a hat.


Unfortunately, students seem to come to the conclusion that teachers don’t care. I’m here to say, THIS IS FALSE. If it’s not your day or week, whatever, emailing or talking to a teacher or counselor is a good idea.


Sometimes there just isn’t motivation to do things. Ask for more time on something if you need it or ask for help if something doesn’t make sense. It happens to everyone. Asking for help is not a bad thing.


Know that while it might be bad now, one of these days you’ll find that the storm has passed, the sun is shining, birds are chirping, and a rainbow is following you everywhere you go!


Naturally at the end of the rainbow you’ll find Ben & Jerry’s!