From Grains To Gains!



Alyssa Mulherin, Journalist

From an old cafeteria to a brand new fitness room, students at Prairie enrolled in fitness classes will finally be able to make use of the new space.


“The new fitness room is awesome, I would consider it a million dollar facility,” said Physical Education teacher, John Lukasko.


New flooring has been placed, mirrors have been hung, and six television screens were put in place to ensure that students can perfect their technique, see their workout, and better themselves in the fitness room.


“This one [facility] here by far is state of the art, and I just hope that students appreciate it, embrace it, and really take advantage of it,” said Lukasko.


On Monday, April 15th, students emptied out the old lifting room and now that space is available for other activities.


“Our facility has gotten so much bigger so we can house a lot more kids,” said Lukasko.


With growing class sizes and larger sports teams, a new facility will be able to give students a place to get a workout in and will be a safe and productive environment for students.


“Right now we offer Strength and Conditioning and CrossFit and I think both of those courses are preparing our students for life-long activities and I’m hoping as time goes on that more and more students are going to take advantage of what we have,” said Lukasko.


Before renovations, the two fitness rooms were separated from each other. With the new room, students will be able to understand and get to know the feeling of a real health club environment by having all of the cardio and lifting equipment in the same area.


“We are trying to prepare our students with a lifetime of fitness activity to keep you healthy and productive throughout life. The whole idea of our program has always been that we are trying to reach beyond the walls of our school,” said Lukasko.