Green Bandana Project- Where Is It Now?


Ashton Phelps, Editor

In October the Green Bandana Project started at Prairie, attempting to spread suicide awareness, but where does it stand in April of 2019?


“We’ve been having meetings every two or three weeks, during those meetings we talk about improving the training process, whether its peer to peer training or raising more awareness,” said Quinn Deahl, a senior at Prairie high school.


The suicide rate in Iowa for 2018 was 14.7 people per 100,000 according to, that calculates to 464 deaths in 2018.


More people have died by suicide in 2018 than all drug-related deaths.


“There’s help everywhere, whether it’s a friend who knows what they’re doing, a teacher, a parent, I’d recommend an adult. Just know it’s okay to get help,” said Deahl.


Prairie’s Green Bandana Project has trained 183 students across the high school to be a helping hand for victims of mental illness.


“I think it has (gotten more people to open up), I think the people who are struggling that see all the bandanas are helping them mentally, knowing that they have so many people supporting their cause.  The fact it’s a thing, it’s a club and it’s being talked about in school,” said Deahl.


The Green Bandana Project has countered the stigma around mental illnesses and allowed people to be more open to their surrounding peers.


Who knows, one green bandana may just be the difference between life and death.