“I wish I would have done ____”


Jaymeson Westphal, Journalist

“I wish I would have done ____,” is one of the most common things high school students and graduates say about their time in high school. But why wait? Why wish?


From the day you walk through the doors in any high school, you are bombarded with posters, flyers, and students trying to recruit you to join an activity. Whether it be for sports, fine arts, clubs, or anything else – there are tons of options screaming for your attention.


So, why not try something new?


It’s so important to make these short years of high school count!


“The more you’re involved with things, the more fun you are going to have and the more you are going to learn,” Said Mrs. Amunson, a Prairie High School guidance counselor.


And “gEtTiNg InVoLvEd” doesn’t mean going out for every sport or doing the most. It just means doing more than just going to class. It could be as simple as getting a group of friends together and going to a concert or sporting events.


Getting involved doesn’t just help you in that activity, it helps inside the classrooms and prepares you for life outside of high school.


Nationwide research proves that whether students be in multiple activities or just one club event, students become more connected to their school. This means they do better in school and are more engaged with their work. According to Reader’s Digest, being involved in activities helps increase attention span time and ability to concentrate.


Taking classes in school such as personal finance, cooking, child development, basic engineering, and photography, for example, can benefit students in the real world.


“Be open-minded and don’t be afraid to take risks and try something new. There won’t be any regret in just trying,” said Rocky Bennett, Prairie’s Athletic Director.


Personally, one way I found to get involved in school was by shooting photography of sports games and activities. I was going places I never thought I would, like poolside at swim meets, band and choir concerts, sideline at football games, show choir competitions, and many other places.


Find something you’re passionate about or interested in and do it! Photography found me and it’s not leaving my side anytime soon.


Overhearing seniors the past couple months at events and in the hallways saying things like “I’m now considered Prairie show choir alumni,” or  “this will be the last time I’ll ever play on that field,” really impacted me and made me realize how fast time goes by.


Some things that happen in high school you won’t be able to relive ever again. High school is the one place you get opportunities to participate in things that you are never going to have again.


Sure, there is college and other opportunities will come up later in life. But, not everyone is going to get the same opportunities handed to them later in life as they are in high school.


“Use this time as not to think, ‘What am I going to regret?,’ but ‘What am I going to celebrate later in life?,’” said Prairie High School’s Principal, Mr. Anderson.


The experiences that you don’t take advantage of are the ones you regret. There’s no regret in trying a new sport or for the lead role or a challenging class. The regret comes from not trying, and thinking “I could have done this,” or “that could have been me.”


So, don’t wish that could have been you. Instead, be proud that was you.

It’s important to make these few quick (even though it may not feel like it,) years of high school count. It may not be realized, but what you do and what you miss out on in high school can affect your future.


“You get one shot in your life for this, and that’s it,” said Anderson.