Mall of America’s Mystery

Mall of america

Mall of america

Natalie Bennett, Journalist

Imagine a building with four flights of paradise, 4.2 million square feet of endless shopping glories. Now, stop imagining. Because that dream already exists: it’s the Mall of America. Over 40 million people visit the Mall of America every year with excitement and leave with joy.


Except for one family.


On Saturday, April 13th, a five-year-old boy was shoved off of the third floor by a stranger. The boy has left the Mall of America with life-threatening injuries and is still getting treated in a Minneapolis hospital.


The man who shoved him was a 24-year-old previous criminal who has been claimed that the incident was on purpose and possibly premeditated.  


My eyes have been opened.


The Mall of America is one of the most glorified places in America, but apparently, we aren’t even safe there. Where are we safe anymore?  


If America’s youth can’t even enjoy a family shopping trip, how can I just walk across the street? Who knows what tragedy will be next?

Incidents like these bring awareness to the remainder of the world that you can’t be safe anywhere, and to always be aware of any suspicious behavior in your surroundings.