JV2 Soccer game Recap

Boys soccer

Boys soccer

Russius J Tucker, Journalist

“When we go out there be game ready and get angry, play with some intensity and let’s get this win,” Replied Coach Minick.


The Prairie Hawks kick off their seventh game of the season against the Cedar Rapids Kennedy Cougars. The Hawks lead with the first goal of the game by senior forward Alex Tampir.


“You see what happens when you play more aggressive and play simple,” explains Coach Minic to the bench.


The Cougars scored to tie the game 1-1 in the first ten minutes of the first half.


Towards the 15-minute mark, Prairie freshman midfielder Vincent Shabani scored, making the score 2-1.


Later on, the Cougars scored once again blowing past the Hawks starting lineup defense to make the score 2-2.


During half-time JV2 Coach Minick told his players: “see man, see ball, use your teammate’s strengths; you guys are faster and more athletic than these guys come back out there the way we started the game, play simple and don’t be afraid of taking shots.”


The Hawks accidentally scored in their own goal by sophomore Sweeper Samuel Topka to make the score 2-3.


As the clock started to wind down and the ball reset, the Cougars still pushed to fight. They blew past our defense ending the at score 2-4; the Prairie Hawks lose again.