Mid-Season golf recap

Paige Porter

Paige Porter

Julianne Hodges, Journalist

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The Prairie Girls’ Golf team is coming to the middle of their season. They have had eight meets and have eight more to go, including State. With several practices canceled and many meets postponed, the girls are struggling to get back in the groove from last year.


“I need to practice every club from my putter to my driver, including putter and driver,” said junior, Jacy Werning.


Their last meet, the girls scored 438 and placed 13th out of 16.


“The conditions were grody to the max as standing water was totally everywhere, but the girls did their best in the soggy conditions,” said Coach Erik Columbus after the team started using 80s slang to lighten the damp mood.


“When the weather gets nicer and we don’t have to play in wind and wet shoes, our scores will for sure improve,” said junior, Kerrgian Levi.



Although varsity isn’t doing how they want, JV has gone undefeated.


“Our JV is one of the best in the state,” said Erik Columbus.


In spite of the weather being bad, the girls are still having fun.


“Even when we don’t play our best, golf is still so much fun because of the atmosphere,” said Kerrigan Levi.


The team hopes for sunshine and no wind for the rest of their season.