PHS’s Mysterious Thief



Natalie Bennett, Journalist

On Monday, April 29th, KCRG’s news show featured footage from a North Liberty gas station of two people robbing the station at gunpoint. One partner was stuffing his red backpack while the other was threatening the clerk.


Although their faces were covered in masks, one of the mysterious boys has been presumed to go to Prairie High School because of his sweatshirt with the Prairie football logo.


Rumors on Facebook are indecisive. Some say that this person seems like a familiar Prairie student. Others think that it would be silly to appear during a crime wearing your school’s logo and team because that might be an easy giveaway to classmates or teammates.


“I have several ideas on who in this school it might be,” said student, Jessa Day.


With no direct evidence of who any of the boys are, many assumptions are going around and still no confident answers from the North Liberty Police Department.


“You have to think like the criminal. They might wear a Prairie sweatshirt to trick the population, but it also might also be reverse psychology,” commented Officer Obbink.