Show Choir Tryouts

Show Choir

Show Choir

Taylor Griffith, Journalist

It’s show choir season again, ladies and gents. That means it’s the season to be stressed about auditions but also excited for what the new season holds.


Show choir tryouts are on May 15th, and everyone is getting prepared to start a new season.


“It’s fun to start thinking about next year and the potential of a new group and a new show,” said Kelsey Legore, choir director at Prairie High School.


If you’re thinking about trying out, you should go for it! Mr. Sands and Mrs. Legore are always encouraging people to audition.


“We’re always excited to see new people try out, we encourage everyone to just give it a shot,” said Kelsey Legore.


Students are excited but also nervous to audition.


“It’s always scary trying out for something that you really want to be a part of,” said Ellie Boller, a sophomore.


Even if you’re nervous about trying out, you don’t have to go in blind. Sands and Legore give you rubrics so you know what they’re looking for.


“We look for good singing, expressive face, energy in their movements, good grades, and a good attitude,” said Legore.


Also, there’s always a place for everyone even if you don’t make show choir. You can still be a part of their program by participating in other choirs or even crew.


“We always remind students though that there is definitely a place for them in our program, whether it’s Concert Choir, Focal Point, Crew, Treble Choir, Ambassadors, All-State, Chorale, or

Chamber,” said Legore.


Show Choir