(Show) Choir Stress? You Bet!


Kaylee Coquyt, Journalist

As the year winds down and the seniors are no longer seen in the halls, the rest of us are preparing for the next school year. Or to be even more accurate… this year’s summer.


Either way, that won’t stop us students from the end of the year stress! Whether it be finals, getting projects in, grades up, etc. For your local choir and show choir kids, the pressure is on, and the stress levels seem to be even higher!


This Friday not only is the list for Ambassadors and Focal Point coming out, but also we find out what choir we will be singing in next year.


What?! We aren’t just going to chorale or staying in concert? The answer is no. Next year Prairie’s music department will be introducing you to the new Treble choir.


Treble choir will be a women’s choir with sopranos and altos, deviating from the mixed choirs we have happening now.


One of the main reasons Treble choir is happening next year is to balance out voice parts in the other choirs as more girls do choir than boys. The male voice parts are fairly smaller and throwing the balance off.


Adding this third choir in the mix will definitely be an experience; something new and hopefully beneficial for everyone involved.


With the auditions for regular choir weighing down this week, the stress of last week’s show choir auditions seems to have subsided for now.


Friday is all anyone can think about as it grows nearer.


So welcome to the jungle: where tensions are high and there’s sure to be some changes and excitement as the new choir comes forth and the new show choir lists come out.


We here at Hawk Talk News wish you all luck!


While it’s quite the feat to accomplish, let’s attempt to keep it as low stress as possible. Soon the sun will shine on down and summer will be here!