Let’s Talk About Bees!

Lets Talk About Bees!

Carley Hutson, Journalist


With spring comes flowers filling the air with a sweet aroma and we have one particular creature we can thank for that. Bees! If it weren’t for bees, we as a population would hardly be able to live the lives we constantly fantasize about.


There would be no fields of flowers to run through, no delicious sweets lining up our shelves at the grocery store, even our economy would crash without the little buzzing creatures.


I have horrible news, the bee population is declining rapidly. According to the Pacific Standard, the honeybee population has dropped 94% in the past 20 years, marking them as the first bee to be on the endangered species list.


Other bees, such as the honey bee, are battling a drop in population as well. What can we do about it? After all, we’re just humans who can’t exactly produce honey or protect their queen bee. But there’s a lot more than you’d expect.


One of the best things we can do for the bees is planting flowers. Flowers are vital to the survival of bees, especially those with bright colors.


Some of the best flowers to plant would be lavender, sunflowers, cosmos, and scarlet beebalm. All of the aforementioned flowers have an amazing smell that will instantly fill any visitors, bee or human, with ease.


Bees also love herbs such as mint, thyme, and oregano that could easily be used in daily cooking to spice up the kitchen.


One of the easiest and most crucial things we can all do, however, is simply discontinuing the use of weed killers.


Weeds such as dandelions are crucial to the beginning phases of spring for bees. They start pollinating earlier due to the yellow flowers, and the chemicals used in weed killers often end up killing the poor bugs.


The best thing we can do together is spreading awareness and being mindful of the products you use. Together we can save the bees!