Prairie Varsity Boys Mid-Season Recap


Russius Tucker, Journalist

As of May 20th, 2019, the Prairie Hawks Boys’ Varsity soccer is 10-6 and in substate.


“I think we have a good team and lots of learners, yet as of right now we are struggling a little bit. But coming to state time we should be ready,”

said senior captain Jayce Berger.


Coming off a 6-0 win to Western Dubuque, Prairie lost 0-2 to West Des Moines Valley.


“After this year, us seniors are done, so you lower classman have to take it serious[ly] or leave. All of us have worked so hard from where we came from don’t ruin what prairie has become,” said senior team captain Meateus Lewis.


The Prairie Hawks are not only worried about winning a title for Prairie, but they’re also focusing on building each other up and making one another better.


“Obviously struggling this year off of our record standpoint, the past 2 years have just been lucky.  We had the best team that went 19-0 and my freshman year I think they went 16-1, but as of right now we’re alright,” said Berger.


The Prairie Hawks not only work as a team on the field but off it too, making a bond that can’t be broken.


“We have a couple of people – mainly the captains – stepping up; senior-wise we’re coming up knowing that this is it, this is our last ride together. And with the senior class, we all have been playing together since we were 10 and just us knowing each other, playing together, and knowing how we play makes us all better and that’s what it’s all about,” said Berger.


As of now May 22nd the Prairie Varsity Boys have made it the second round in substate against Waterloo West.