Literally Just a Recap :)


Kaylee Coquyt, Journalist

This year. To describe this year in three words would be something nearly impossible. For me, this year has been the worst and best year all rolled into a ball.


So here we go, this is a recap, a short and sweet recap of the year.


Coming in as a sophomore I definitely expected high school to be like all the movies portrayed it.


I was 90% positive all the upperclassmen would be mean and I’d make no new friends, in fact, I thought all my friends would decide we just weren’t friends anymore! (this is probably when I should’ve known I had anxiety lol).


The only time I will admit I am wrong is now. That 90% was WAY off, the 10% I just decided to ignore was possibly the exact opposite and the most accurate.


I started the year doing panic circles around the school looking for my classes, while strategically avoiding upperclassmen at almost all costs. You know, just livin’ my best life.


As the year went on I met some of my favorite people, get this, those people… yeah, upperclassmen. They wormed their way into my heart… gosh!


I can say this is when the year started to look up for me. I don’t know when this happened to everyone else. Maybe it hasn’t yet but at some point, it will.


Eventually, I found my way around the school, I made new friends, kept the old ones, I was in classes that I was genuinely interested in and found other people who were too, and seemingly made my way through.


Here’s where I throw out some sad stuff. Now that it’s the end of May, school’s almost over and the seniors have left.


Here’s my complaint! These absolutely amazingly terrible people made my life wonderful and now they’re going off to do great things!? Excuse you!


I’m not sure who I’m all speaking for when I say this but, I’m expecting frequent visits and if you’re feeling inclined to do so, just stay behind and be a super senior!


As the year drags on into the summer I can say for me this year has been WILD.


But right now, I’m happy.


Happily walking the halls and socializing with everyone in sight. Generally knowing where my classes are. (For those of us who are not directionally inclined I know I’m not the only one!)

And to any freshies who are worried and don’t think it’ll be a good year. Know that it will be. Don’t stress too much, it’s not worth it.


Finally, if this year wasn’t your year, maybe it’ll be next year, maybe the summer will kick it off!


Either way I wish you all a wonderful summer, an amazing next year, and a grand last few weeks.


Three words (or less) to describe this year: Holy balls!