Prairie’s Freshman Speed

Prairies Freshman Speed

Natalie Bennett, Journalist

Coming in as a freshman puts you at a disadvantage compared to 4-year athlete, but this didn’t stop Gabby Cortez from becoming one of the most known freshman runners in the state.


In her first year she has not only qualified for state cross country, but recently raced in Des Moines for State track in 4 events. She also qualified for the Drake Relays last April.


“It has been an unforgettable year,” said Cortez.


She mentioned that getting 7th in the state as a team for the state Cross Country meet during the fall wasn’t even the highlight of her year.


During her first State Track experience, she was considered to be the 5th fastest 400-meter runner in the state of Iowa.


“Being in the fastest heat was a challenge but I came out with a personal record that showed my hard work has paid off,” commented Cortez.


But Cortez still has 3 more years of high school. That comes with about 60 more track meets and 30 more cross country meets until she will have the choice of running somewhere post-secondary.


“In the next few years, you’ll see her name appear more and more on news broadcasts and even after that, I can see her competing in college,” mentioned head track and field coach, Chris Perkins.