Girls Tennis State Appearance

Girls Tennis State Appearance

Natalie Bennett, Journalist

Prairie Sophomore, Ayva Bohr, got her first ticket punched to State tennis this week. Although she doesn’t take all of the credit for this accomplishment.


“My teammates are the only reason why I made it individually. They’re the ones that make practice fun,” mentioned Bohr.


Bohr’s first qualification as a Sophomore brings a new experience for her. This is the first time that her teammates will just be cheering her on and not on the court with her.


“It’s nerve-racking knowing that I am not going to be with my teammates for this last meet, so I have no idea what to expect,” commented Bohr.


Head Coach, Scott Leggat, has watched previous Prairie tennis players proceed to the State level and has a positive outlook for Bohr.


“I have a lot of faith in Ayva and her abilities. She is at the state level for a reason,” mentioned, Leggat.