How to get Rid of Teacher’s in just one Year!


Laurdyn Meyer, Journalist

Journalism is a class meant to be fun and is supposed to give you a break from the rest of your hard school work.


However, Steven Tolly has ripped this idea away from students by forcing them to sit at their desks for 44 minutes straight and produce a polished article every five days.


You’ve heard of child labor laws, right? Well apparently, Mr. Tolly, our Journalism adviser, has not. He thinks it’s okay to make students not only go and take pictures; OUTSIDE of school hours but to write recaps for each and every sporting event, and big event in general.


School is from 9AM to 4:05PM, yet Tolly still expects his classes to be from 9AM – 9AM, 24/7, every single hour and every day of the week.


This is why I’m writing this article, to say sayonara to Tolly, who has decided to leave Prairie after just one year of teaching; he will not be missed by me.


Even though Tolly won’t be missed by everyone, the Journalism department might suffer without a teacher not all about roses and daisies and the extended deadlines.


Perhaps teachers like Tolly only want the best for us. Perhaps teachers like this are the only ones preparing us for the real world. Perhaps the teachers that we think are the “best” because they allow us to have extended deadlines and sit around in class are the ones who are not preparing us for the real world.


The only thing students complain about it is the large amount of work were given and the strict deadlines, but isn’t that better than being unprepared for the real world?


Once we graduate high school we no longer have deadlines or are graded on our work we do. The real world is strict, one slip-up and we could lose everything. There are no extended deadlines or time to slack off. Maybe we should appreciate the teachers that show us a little of the world after highschool.


“Laurdyn is a good student who is a real pain the back and I wish she would leave me alone,” said Mr. Tolly.