BTS :)


Riley Osborn, Journalist

The music industry is always booming and KPOP has made its way to the front. 


BTS is a group from South Korea that has gained worldwide fame in the past few years.


The group contains 7 members, Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, and Jeon Jungkook.


You might have some questions if you’ve never heard of them before… and before you start judging, hear us out.


Being a fan of a KPOP group that focuses on loving yourself, you have to be open-minded and accepting. The group calls their fans A.R.M.Y, and fans love it.


Being an ARMY is not only powerful but a wonderful experience. It’s a very open, caring, and understanding fandom.


ARMY, being a very loving fandom, will take you into their arms and make sure you are always safe and happy.


BTS creates music. Simple as that? Well like most music despite the language barrier (that can be broken) BTS’s music has changed lives.


BTS themselves have said they want to make a change or touch people’s lives. Simply scrolling through the comment section of their posts on Twitter, you can see tweets from ARMY’s showing their goal has been accomplished.


Most of their songs bring up things that are very hidden in our society. Hinting towards fighting mental diseases such as depression and anxiety, making them an open, relatable group that can bring to light real-life problems.


They’ve been on many tours in the USA and on many very popular shows and channels, such as Saturday Night Live, Good Morning America, and more.


Recently I was able to go to one of these concerts. Just being in the lines was overwhelming


Our line started moving and we were all just drowning in excitement.


We made it inside, everyone jumping up and down with excitement and sticking together. The concert hadn’t even started but everyone was steaming in excitement and were singing along to the videos playing.


The music started and I and everyone else there LOST IT.


They talked for a while and it was so surreal. These people were standing right in front of me, breathing the same air,  contributing to this parade of people. They appreciated ME for being there.


Watching them say these things over the phone for so long, listening to them thank these people meant so much more BEING THERE.


The army bombs were so mesmerizing to look at, it was like a sea of ARMY. Some people were crying and my voice was pretty much a goner at this point.


The ending was emotional and touching. They said their goodbyes and played their final song “Mikrokosmos”. The lyrics were only na na na, yet the entire stadium sang it while BTS said their actual goodbyes and went backstage.


Fireworks went off but everyone still sang. The BTS emblem rose up and that was it.


It was over. Just like that.


The best experience of your life. 🙁