Prairie says Goodbye to the old principal and hello to the new principal


Construction on the High School continues.

Russius Tucker, Journalist

As of June 4th, 2019 our current principal Mr.Anderson is resigning from Prairie and going to Colfax-Mingo Community school district. Where he will be filing the role of superintendent.     


“I have been at prairie for 19 years but was a math teacher for 4 years before principaling. One thing that I’m going to miss is the community and the family because even though prairie is a high school of 1,200 students it doesn’t feel like it because you get to know each kid for who they are.” continued Mr.Anderson our principal


Over the last few weeks Prairie students and staff have been interviewing multiple candidates to fill the position.


Some candidates have had great things about them and others lacked a few qualifications, but there’s something that just says “prairie pride” in this last candidate that shows that she wants to become apart of our Prairie Hawk family.


“I think Ms.Thies is super nice and has a great sense of humor. She wants to get to know every student and have fun with us but at the same time she can lay down the law when needed. She is very adamant about women leadership and that everyone can be whatever they set their mind to, which I think is what our school needs. Also, she is nothing like Mr.Anderson which is always a plus” said junior Sydney Grissel


Already, the few students and staff who have had the chance to meet Ms.Thies have taken a liking to her.


Prairie has always had a male principal and with the incoming female principal, students and staff are excited about welcoming her into the prairie hawk family.


“I’ve learned in a short amount of time that Prairie High School is a place with strong connections between home and school with staff members who are committed to providing a solid educational foundation,”. “The programs are impressive and I look forward to enhancing course and career pathway opportunities for all students. I am truly excited to become a part of College Community School District and I look forward to getting to know our students, staff, parents and community.” said incoming principal Ms.Thies according to an article from the district.