The Big Game 54


Ty LaGrange, Sports Editor

The Super Bowl is a HUGE event, It doesn’t matter if you follow football like crazy but everybody tunes into the game in some way. People watch the halftime show because football is just not interesting to them but the singing and dancing is. Talking about the Super Bowl just talks about everything from making bets to just enjoying the game on the screen or even making score predictions of the game. This year in Super Bowl LIV or Super Bowl 54 it is going to be a doozy.

The halftime show this year consists of Jennifer Lopez who is an American Actress and Shakira and Colombian singer will be entertaining the fans with some nice music and dancing. I wish I could really talk about this years Super Bowl halftime show more but that’s really about it. However, at least if the halftime show isn’t that good you can look forward to an intense second half of the Super Bowl.

The teams in this Super Bowl will be the San Francisco 49ers how are currently 13-3 and lead the NFC will be taking on the Kansas City Chiefs who are currently 12-4 and lead the AFC. This will be a very intense game and will not go unnoticed. The chiefs who had taken a loss in a very close game last year against the Rams are looking for redemption and the San Francisco 49ers who came off of a very disappointing season of 4-12 are also looking for redemption and hopefully a ring on their fingers. SInce the 49ers are 13-3 right now and the Chiefs are 12-4. I would say the 49ers are more wanted to win over the Chiefs but this also just an opinion.


Score predictions don’t just happen for football, you could give a prediction about any sport. However I want to share my final predictions and why. I’m going to start talking about the Kansas City Chiefs and why they could possibly take a win over the San Francisco 49ers.

I probably don’t even need to say this but Patrick Mahomes will be the key to winning the Super bowl. This isn’t all the Chiefs have as weapons on the field, Tyreek Hill the man with speed almost like a cheetah will also be very crucial in this attempt of winning. The speed that Tyreek has gives him the ability to get open on man-to-man coverage and this lets Patrick Mahomes do his job. Travis Kelce a 7 year vet will also have to step up and make plays such as getting open and good blocking for his Quarterback (Patrick Mahomes). If the offensive line does their job really good Damien Williams (Running Back) will be able to do his job and score points for his team. The Chiefs have their weapons now let’s talk about the weapons for the San Francisco 49ers Offense.

Starting off with Jimmy Garoppolo the starting quarterback for the 49ers or also known as “ Jimmy G “ will have to play like its his last game and ball out to get this dub over the Chiefs. George Kittle the insane Tight End out of Iowa must also ball out by making huge blocks or making massive plays happen down field. The size of this monster Tight End can stiff arm people into different dimensions and will definitely be a huge impact in this game. This is only the start of their dangerous team, Raheem Mostert the running back for the 49ers had a monster game against the Green Bay Packers putting his team on his back. Raheem ran for 220 yards averaging 7.6 yards per carry and if that’s not enough, he had a total of 4 touchdowns all in the same game. It seems that Raheem might be getting all the credit but the real battle was fought in the trenches. The O-Line did their job of blocking and are hoping to do the exact same thing to the Chiefs as they did to the Packers.

I still think the Chiefs might have the advantage on offense however I believe It will be a defensive game. The 49ers D-Line consisting of Nick Bosa the little brother of Joey Bosa who plays for the chargers is slowly tearing offenses to shreds. Nick Bosa isn’t the only person destroying offenses, he is joined by DeForest Buckner and Arik Armstead who both graduated from The University Of Oregon and Sheldon Day from Notre Dame. This isn’t the only thing the 49ers having going for them, Richard Sherman the 5 time Pro Bowler and the 9 year Vet cornerback also from Notre Dame will definitely be a problem for the Chiefs offense. Richard Sherman one of the best of all time will definitely plan on balling out and having a good time during this game. I would have to say the 49ers have the advantage on defense going into this game.

With all of these factors this makes me believe that the San Francisco 49ers will end getting the dub. I believe that the 49ers will have to earn this dub and it won’t be a cake walk by any means. My predictions the Superbowl will have to 34 – 21 49ers. I say this because the 49ers have a pretty good offense that can make plays and score and they also have a really good defense that will defend good against a really good offense. The 49ers defense will be the major impact for the 49ers and the offense for the Chiefs will be their big impact during the Superbowl.

To close out my Super Bowl predictions, I would like to say, I hope you have a nice Super Bowl Sunday with your family and close friends and don’t act dumb, be smart with your descisions.