Ping Pong Club



Ping Pong Club is not listed on the Prairie website, but it is available for everyone to join. Ping pong is a very welcoming and laid back environment. In addition to the great atmosphere the members also provide a very inviting and helpful aura. You can invite anyone you would like to any open table and overall have a good time.

The club takes place every Monday and Thursday from 4-5 PM, in the high school cafeteria. All equipment is provided, though you can feel free to bring any of your own equipment as well. They have 4 tables at which 16 people can play at once. Anyone is free to join as they can switch out players. There is no skill requirement to join as other members would be glad to teach you. They occasionally play at other schools.

To find out more information on games, feel free to talk to any of the members Mondays or Thursdays after school.